SCM Best Practice locates your hidden potential for profits   (Published: 25.11.2016)


- Surprisingly, businesses often pay very little attention to their payoff-to-investment ratio. This often means that invested work and process costs are insufficient in relation to the profits gained, says SCM Best Oy’s Managing Director Ray Blomqvist. He says that this is because understanding the process costs of the whole value chain requires special skills that businesses don’t necessarily have.


This kind of thinking is already quite common in purchasing and storage operations, but the same criteria must be used for the manufacturing process, and for sales.


Hidden resources traps are different in different stages of the value chain, which means that manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses must all be inspected differently.


Our unique tool and method locates the weak spots. SCM Best Oy is a company that specializes in increasing profits by finding process inefficiencies.


We help you more efficiently manage things like material flows by optimizing your inventory levels, changes in purchase and sell prices, and the profitability of each customer or product.


- When analyzing sales profitability, we go directly into analyzing direct profits in relation to costs, instead of just focusing on total sales revenue.


When we focus on the profits from individual customers, products or sales people, we discover surprising ways of improving company results.


Our SCM Best Practice application is easy to understand and use, but we don’t limit our services to just the software and the data it generates. We help you by giving recommendations and coaching, based on the refined data, and advice you on taking corrective action, says Blomqvist.


Our service is equally well suited for manufacturers, retailers, as well as public sector actors, Blomqvist adds.


Translated from original article in Finnish, by Kaisa Mäntyranta,

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