SCM Best Practice produces key figures about your current supply chain and sets new goals and guidelines for improving business profitability.

SCM Best Practice consists of several applications provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is usable with a regular Internet browser. Information about your business activities is transferred directly to SCM Best Practice from your PoS (Point of Sale), or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. We offer training to help you get started with the software, coaching for implementing analyses and guidelines, and high level consulting to help you reach your set goals.

SCM Best Practice’s current state analysis is a productized service, done as a supplier, purchase, and inventory analysis, and as a customer and product profitability analysis. These can either be done separately, or they can be combined together. The current state analysis is quickly available, and aims to help you define goals for improving costs, and define a payback period. Current state analyses are always done based on the customer’s own business data and costs. This ensures an accurate analysis that is also backed up by key figures, denominated in euros.

SCM Best Practice consists of the following applications:

SCM - Sales Analysis

A new type of tool for management and coaching. Breaks down profits to the level of individual products and customers.

SCM - Purchase Price Analysis

A web-based tool for analyzing purchase prices. Includes a virtual desktop for business partners.

SCM - Inventory Analysis

A web-based tool for inventory management and purchases.

SCM - Facts & Figures - Process costing

A method for mapping out your supply chain.

SCM - PriceWise

A tool for monitoring the competitiveness of your sale and purchase prices.

SCM - KeyFigures

SCM Keyfigures - raportti on erilainen yhteenveto yritysten liiketoiminnasta. Avainluvut esitetään 3-5 vuoden jaksolta ja niistä saa heti hyvän kuvan siitä, mihin liiketoiminta on kehittymässä. 

SCM - Training

We offer training programs for both corporate decision makers and purchasing personnel. In addition to standard training programs, we also provide tailored training solutions for your specific needs.

SCM - Book

"Supply Chain Management in the Digital Age", by Jouni Sakki (currently only available in Finnish).​​


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